What is Crowd4U?

The Easiest and Fun Way to be Someone who Makes the World a Better place

A Facility for Advancing the Science of Crowdsourcing

A Next Generation Platform for Crowdsourcing Projects for Public and Academic Purposes

An Infrastructure for Tasks in Urgency in the World

People who contribute to the development of Crowd4U

FAQ for contributors

Q: How does Crowd4U count the number of performed tasks per each affiliation?
A: If the contributor has a Crowd4U account, we use her affiliation information. If not, we infer her affiliation using URI of the Web page that provided the task.
Q: How will the entered data be used?
A: We use the entered data for nonprofit open, public, and academic purposes. The data may be published in research papers and public services after we remove information that might identify contributors.
Q: What are the advantages of logging in?
A: If you log in to Crowd4U, your name will appear in the list of contributors. Publications that utilize the results of microtasks refer to the page. In addition, we plan to do the following: We will send you reports on the project you contributed to. You will be able to specify conditions to choose tasks (e.g., languages, difficuly).
Q: Crowd4U scripts are embedded in the Web site of a cource of my university. Is there any relationship between performing tasks and grades?
A: No, performing microtasks does not affect your grade.
Q: Who operates Crowd4U?
A: At present, the FusionCOMP project operates Crowd4U. The development and operation of Crowd4U are supported by many researchers in computer science, informatics, and application domains. Crowd4U also serves as a testbed for developping advanced crowdsourcing technologies. If we change the operator, we will inform you through this site or by Twitter.

History (to be updated)

Nov. 2009:
The first CyLog processor (Memory-based CyLog) was implemented in Chimera, a prototype of Crowd4U.
Nov. 2011:
Crowd4U was made open to public with the second CyLog processor (MySQL-based MicroCyLog).
Sep. 2013:
The first Task-on-the-Floor (ToF) system was deployed.
Dec. 2013:
The third CyLog processor (CyLog 2013) was installed to Crowd4U.