The number of performed tasks on Crowd4U

What is Crowd4U?

The BIG task, if divided into small ones, can be solved by all of us.

Crowd4U is a nonprofit open microvolunteering and crowdsourcing platform for academic and public purposes. It maintains a task pool to store a number of microtasks that can be performed in a short period of time. Each of many contributors performs a small number of tasks. Crowd4U was designed to play the following four roles: This page has a current list of people who contribute to the development of Crowd4U and FAQ for contributors

The Easiest and Fun Way to be Someone who Makes the World a Better place

A Facility for Advancing the Science of Crowdsourcing

A Next Generation Platform for Crowdsourcing Projects for Public and Academic Purposes

An Infrastructure for Tasks in Urgency in the World

(photo: wipha_oct_13_2013_0125Z.jpg from Wikimedia commons)
Crowd4U team is constructing an earth-scale network so that we can use it to help people anywhere in the world. The project for identifying damage builidings is the first step: the tasks are used to develop efficient and effective crowdsourcing strategies to be used in real-world disasters. You can help us in two ways:
  • Please help us construct such a network by placing banners and scripts in your web sites.You will be acknowledged as a project associate for a project if you connect your script to the tasks of the project.
  • Please perform translation tasks so that people who speak different languages can perform tasks.

(photo: wipha_oct_13_2013_0125Z.jpg from Wikimedia commons)

History (to be updated)

Nov. 2009: The first CyLog processor (Memory-based CyLog) was implemented in Chimera, a prototype of Crowd4U.
Nov. 2011: Crowd4U was published with the second CyLog processor (MySQL-based MicroCyLog).
Oct. 2012: Started distributing tasks from the L-Crowd (Library Crowdsourcing) Project.
Nov. 2012: Started distributing tasks for Identifying a tornado path with photos.
Sep. 2013: The first Task-on-the-Floor (ToF) system was deployed to four universities.
Dec. 2013: The third CyLog processor (CyLog 2013) was installed to Crowd4U.
Feb. 2016: Made a first draft of the session program of DEWS 2016 with microtasks to help PC chairs.
Feb. 2016: Started distributing tasks for the digital archive of Futaba-town that suffered serious damage in Japan's 2011 earthquake.
Aug. 2016: National Diet Library Digital Collection Image Wall Service was published with the task results.
Feb. 2017: Made a first draft of the session program of DEWS 2017 with microtasks to help PC chairs.
Sep. 2017: The world's first API for AI workers to perform registered tasks was released.
Nov. 2017: Tsukuba-city started collecting citizen opinions with Crowd4U.
Dec. 2017: Started distributing tasks from the LODEM(Linked Open Data for Enhancing Manga) project.
Feb. 2018: Made a first draft of the session program of DEWS 2018 with microtasks to help PC chairs.
Jun. 2018: Made a first draft of the session program of VLDB 2018 with microtasks to help PC chairs.
Jul. 2018: Tsubame-city conducted a cyber-physical natural disaster drill with citizens, drones, and Crowd4U.

People who contribute to the development of Crowd4U

Development and Operations

Morishima, Atsuyuki Sakaguchi, Tetsuo
Watanabe, Chiemi Hashimoto, Hirotaka ()
Hayashi, Masafumi (AI Worker API) Iwamoto, Eiichi (Task on the Floor System)
Kobayashi, Masaki (Crowd4U Engine) Mizusawa, Ken (Crowd4U Web site)
Horikawa, Satoshi () Matsuda, Yuhei (Crowd4U Engine)
Suzuki, Yusuke (Crowd4U Engine) Wijerathna, Nadeesha ()
Tarumoto, Kinuyo (Development Assistant)

Past Members

Kumai, Katsumi (2016/4-2018/3) Crowd4U Engine Sasaki, Yuu (2016/4-2018/3) Crowd4U Engine
Suzuki, Rikuya (2016/4-2018/3) Crowd4U Engine Nakamura, Yuta (2016/4-2018/3) Crowd4U Engine
Mera, Toshiki (2016/4-2018/3) Crowd4U Engine/Development of CyLog Processor Yuko, Oya (2017/10-2018/3) Graphic Design
Yamamori, Meiko (2016/8-2017/11) Graphic Design Ota, Chihiro (2015/4-2017/3) Crowd4U Engine/Task on the Floor System
Nemoto, Chiyonosuke (2015/4-2017/3) Crowd4U Engine/Development of CyLog Processor Hayashi, Ryota (2015/4-2017/3) Crowd4U Engine/Crowd4U Terminal
Minemura, Haruka (2016/2-2016/6) Graphic Design Sakurai, Emi (2014/4-2016/3) Crowd4U Engine/Design of CyLog and its processor
Hiraki, Rie (2014/4-2016/3) Crowd4U Engine/Crowd4U Terminal Kawabata, Akiko (2014/4-2016/3) Graphic Design
Fukusumi, Shun (2012/4-2015/3) Crowd4U Engine/MicroCrapid Gonnokami, Kenji (2013/4-2015/3) Crowd4U Engine/Design of CyLog and its processor/Crapid
Tanji, Hiroyoshi (2013/4-2015/3) Crowd4U Engine/Crowd4U Terminal Shinagawa, Yuuki (2014/4-2015/3) Development Assistant/Task on the Floor System
Aoki, Hideto (2011/4-2014/3) Crowd4U Engine Higuchi, Tomomichi (2013/4-2014/3) Development Assistant
Ogushi, Tomomi (2013/7-2014/2) Graphic Design Mitsuishi, Tomomi (2009/12-2013/3) Crowd4U Engine
Shinagawa, Norihide (2011/4-2013/3) Design of CyLog and its processor Miyata, Ai (2011/4-2013/3) Logotype of Crowd4U
Abe, Tetsuya (2010/11-2012/1) Development Support Mochizuki, Shoji (2010/4-2011/3) Development of CyLog Processor
Yasunaga, Yui (2010/4-2011/3) Development of GWAPs Yamaguchi, Keisuke (2010/4-2011/3) Experiments on a Prediction Market for Information Credibienty
Anzai, Noriaki (2009/4-2010/3) Development of CyLog Processor

FAQ for contributors

Q: How does Crowd4U count the number of performed tasks per each affiliation?
A: If the contributor has a Crowd4U account, we use her affiliation information. If not, we infer her affiliation using URI of the Web page that provided the task.
Q: How will the entered data be used?
A: We use the entered data for nonprofit open, public, and academic purposes. The data may be published in research papers and public services after we remove information that might identify contributors.
Q: What are the advantages of logging in?
A: If you log in to Crowd4U, your name will appear in the list of contributors. Publications that utilize the results of microtasks refer to the page. In addition, we plan to do the following: We will send you reports on the project you contributed to. You will be able to specify conditions to choose tasks (e.g., languages, difficuly).
Q: Crowd4U scripts are embedded in the Web site of a cource of my university. Is there any relationship between performing tasks and grades?
A: No, performing microtasks does not affect your grade.
Q: Who operates Crowd4U?
A: At present, the FusionCOMP project operates Crowd4U. The development and operation of Crowd4U are supported by many researchers in computer science, informatics, and application domains. Crowd4U also serves as a testbed for developping advanced crowdsourcing technologies. If we change the operator, we will inform you through this site or by Twitter.