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Help us give keywords to the pictures related to Japan's 2011 Disasters

Dear Crowd4U volunteers,

Hello, we are representatives of the Futaba-town digital archive project for Japan's 2011 Disasters. We are writing this email to wholeheartedly ask you to help us.

As you know, Japan's 2011 Earthquake caused Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Futaba town in Fukushima prefecture is the place where the nuclear plant is located. All the people in Futaba town moved to other places to avoid being exposed to radiation. Even five years later, they still can not return to their home.

You can see the details of Futaba town at:


Currently, Futaba-town and Japanese universities are collaboratively building a digital archive to record the pictures related the disaster so that everyone can know what happened in the disaster and how other people all over the world showed their support to the disaster victims.

In this project, it is important to give a variety of keywords and captions to the pictures stored in the archive. The pictures include ones of the items sent from other countries therefore we solicit help from volunteers in a variety of countries.

Please, give keywords to the pictures in the archive in your own languages. We welcome any keywords and captions as far as they are related to the pictures.

It is also appreciated if you introduce the project to your friends who might be interested in it.

To perform the tasks, please click on the "Add captions" button in the following page.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,

Atsushi HANGAI,
Chairman of the Futaba Town Board of Education, Fukushima Prefecture

Leader of the Futaba-town Archive Project for Japan's 2011 disasters