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ISeee Project: Information Support of Everyone, by Everyone, for Everyone

What is ISeee Project?

What is ISeee Project?

ISeee is an abbreviation of "Information Support of Everyone, by Everyone, for Everyone."

Information support is the technology that helps people with disabilities acquire information using alternative means. ISeee project applies crowdsourcing technique to the field of information support and aims to provide a platform where everyone can make good use of their abilities to provide information support so that everyone can receive information support regardless of disabled or non-disabled people. We expect to realize a society where everyone can say "I see."

As the first step, we are developing a crowdsourcing-based system of sign language captioning by deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Multiple non-expert people who know sign language cooperate to interpret sign language to text in real-time, which provides information support to the people who do not know sign language. One of our goal is to achieve a practical use of the system at academic conventions by the end of fiscal 2017. The constructed system will be open to the public.

What is ISeee Project?


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